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In search of a verse!!

Jul. 19th, 2011 | 06:40 pm
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posted by: gaiman_phile in crazychristians

(x-posted elsewhere, as well as my own journal)

I am horribly paraphrasing, but I can't remember where I found Paul's teaching about this. . . I want to say it's in 2 Cor, but I could be way off.

"If a friend is doing wrong, talk to them. If they don't listen, bring someone with you, if they still don't listen, bring the church."

Any and all assistance in this search is greatly appreciated!

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Hello everyone

Feb. 26th, 2009 | 05:43 am
posted by: jesseconfined in crazychristians

I'm under house arrest in Indiana, USA. The internet is my only way of talking to people. I am a lifecaster, and broadcast my webcam as often as I can on Justin.TV:
As you can imagine, I miss interaction with people, so please add me or come for a chat in my channel on JTV, anytime i am on

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Good Things....and a few bad.....

Oct. 25th, 2006 | 05:04 pm
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posted by: my_altered_mind in crazychristians

I guess I have a tendency to use this blog for the times that are tough, and I don't say much about when things are good. That is probably b/c those times are few and far behind. I guess these are some good things that have happened:
1. I went and got my haircut by MYSELF
2. I am doing alright trying to get my guitar abilty back
3. My husband and I have been getting along better these days
4. I have really bonded with my psychiatrist
5. I am starting therapy on tues. (next week)

So there's me trying to be positive.

Other then that my life has been in the gutter. My husband is always talking about me getting off all these meds (I'm on 8). What he doesn't get is that if I am not on these meds I would be much worse then I already am. Right now I feel the need to hurt or kill something. This is weird b/c I have only had thoughts like this one other time. I feel like I really want to cut too, I should call my psychatrist, but I'm scared to. I don't want to bother him, even though he said to call any time. I just really feel like death is at my door, some how, some way, it's there. I am tired of the fight. I just don't know if I could leave Jeff behind like that. I know it would hurt him to wake up one day and find me dead in the morning. Well, I don't want to keep rambling. To those that have reached out to me, I'm sorry I have not responded. I just am in my shell and only a few people can break through. Then when I'm on the phone I try to sound as happy as I can be, when a lot of times I am dieing inside.

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Sep. 17th, 2006 | 03:48 pm
mood: curiouscurious
posted by: an_unquiet_girl in crazychristians

Does anyone here, if anyone is reading, ever have trouble reconciling things they do or feel because of their mental illness with what they believe as a Christian?

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Finally, they're getting it...

Mar. 30th, 2006 | 01:36 pm
posted by: an_unquiet_girl in crazychristians

I read a book by a Christian author named Melody Carlson, and it's about a schizophrenic girl. In it, schizophrenia isn't demonized, or because of sin, or cured by mere prayer, or anything. It was pretty cool; called Finding Alice.

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(no subject)

Feb. 24th, 2006 | 02:04 pm
posted by: an_unquiet_girl in crazychristians

It's amazing! I was reading the focus on the family college website, and an article that they had, about God, suffering, and evil, referenced schizophrenia (and not in a demon-possessed, evil sort of way, either). the link to the article is here, and I found it to be really compassionate towards mental illness.


So, I've been a highly irresponsible and boring group leader. For anyone who isn't sure how to post to the community - you become a member (I don't think I need to confirm you or anything), and then you go to "Update Journal", like you're going to be updating your journal, except you go to the drop down menu at the bottom and choose to post to crazychristians.

For my part - I go to a Christian college,and this week a girl sent out an email in our student newsletter asking if anyone would be interested in starting a depression/mental illness group on campus. This is HUGE - no one ouside of the psychology department ever mentions mental illness on our campus (other than my group of friends, but we're all "mentally interesting", so...). I'm really hoping something will come of it - I'm hoping not too much stigma; the girl was really brave to do what she did.

Anyways, I'm hoping maybe we can get some discussion or something going on here.

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(no subject)

Oct. 15th, 2005 | 03:24 pm
posted by: miette047 in crazychristians

Hi Meg,

I'm 21 and grew up in the South and have always had much exposure to Christianity in my life and have had more or less a Christian upbringing
I've also been in counseling for much of my life for various mental issues
I don't know what my mental illness is, if any, although I've been diagnosed with a lot of them and have experienced some symptoms of a lot of different things, including bipolar disorder
Right now I'm leaning towards Asperger's Syndrome as a diagnosis, which is not a mental illness but instead a type of autism, but still in any case it's an abnormality

I think religion should be very positive in your life... if it's not, it defeats the purpose of even having a religion. I think Christianity potentially offers a lot of help to people with mental illness (and people everywhere in general) but can also cause a lot of harm depending on how it's interpretted
my own interpretation of Christianity is probably a lot different than most people's, but it's helpful to me

people telling you that your mental illness is some kind of evil is most likely an example of a negative interpretation of Christianity that is not going to do you much good in your spiritual development, so you shouldn't give too much credence to those such opinions

every individual is special and has an amazing potential, and mental illness is just part of who you are and what makes you special and what gives you your potential
you should not view it as a barrier to a relationship with God but as an aspect that makes you unique and that has a positive side because you are who you are for a reason, and you can always trust that God's reasons are good

Peace & Love,

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Welcome...this is who I am....

Aug. 28th, 2005 | 07:50 am
posted by: bpchristian in crazychristians

So, I guess I'll introduce myself here, and see if anyone comes to join the community!

My name is Meg, and I am 19 years old. I have been diagnosed as bipolar II for about 6 months, but have been in psychiatric treatment on and off for almost 3 years. I struggle with self injury and thoughts of suicide. I am currently taking medication to control my mood swings, which have been worsening since I was in seventh grade. Recently, the medication seems to be working, and I have much fewer rages, crying fits, manic sprees, and deep depressions.

I am also a Christian, and I struggle deeply with the attitudes of Christians who feel that mental illness is a sign of sin, or that I merely need more faith, or that the medications that save my life are evil and personality-altering. I have my own thoughts on that, but perhaps that is for another post.

Pretty much - that's me, at least insofar as I relate to the community.

Hope people join!

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